Stefano Langone has no regrets about placing seventh on this season of American Idol. “The weight has been lifted off the shoulders,” he told EW backstage about a hour after Ryan Seacrest announced he had been voted off the show. “I’m happy that I got this far, and I’m happy that I got to do everything I got to do on this show.”

The R&B crooner will definitely miss the man who’d been his roommate since Hollywood Week in December, James Durbin — but not for long. “I’m going to be the best man at his wedding,” Stefano says. “He’s really a brother to me now, and he will stay a brother for life.”

But here’s the big question for Stefano: Is he jealous Casey Abrams got to kiss Jennifer Lopez, and he did not? “You know what,” Stefano says with a smile, “I’m not jealous. I’m happy for Casey. It’s probably one of the only kisses he’s had in a while.” Check out the entire video interview below:

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