Melania Trump appeared on The Joy Behar Show Wednesday night to talk about Donald Trump’s supposed bid for the presidency. Behar asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind: Is Trump just seeking publicity (as some NBC execs think), or is he serious about running for president in 2012? According to Trump, it’s the latter: “Look, he doesn’t need the publicity stunt,” she tells Behar. “He’s successful. He will make a decision prior to June. And he’s very passionate about the country … We all know the troubles in American nowadays. And he wants to see everybody doing well. The issue is about bringing jobs back. Bringing jobs to the country. And he’s very passionate about that. And I see that people really like it.” It’s true: Trump is performing astonishingly well in the polls. The Celebrity Apprentice star, however, has been criticized for being part of the “birther” movement, demanding to see President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Not surprisingly, Melania Trump is also Team Birther. “It’s not only Donald who wants to see it,” she tells Behar. “It’s American people who voted for him and who didn’t vote for him. They want to see that.”

Watch video embedded after the jump. Is this your future first lady, PopWatchers?

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