By Kate Ward
Updated April 21, 2011 at 02:25 PM EDT

It’s only been one season, but, honestly, now that Jennifer Lopez has proven to be an apt, attentive, and charming judge, I can’t imagine an American Idol without her. (As Steven Tyler would say, she’s simply “beautiful” on the reality series.) So I can’t help but feel a bit nervous hearing about her new Idol-esque reality show with husband Marc Antony, in which the pair search Latin America for the best undiscovered singing talent. (EW exclusively broke news of the series, tentatively titled Que Viva.) Since The Most Beautiful Woman in the World is signed on for only one season of Idol, does this mean she could part ways with the Fox hit? Not necessarily: As EW’s James Hibberd reports, it’s likely that Lopez could pull double duty, since Idol hasn’t kept other judges from pursuing their own passion projects. (See: Randy Jackson and America’s Best Dance Crew.) Still, it begs the question: Should J.Lo return to Idol next season?

Since she’s the one member of the panel who has delivered critical (yet still constructive) feedback during this possibly-too-nice season, I can’t imagine Fox would pass up the opportunity to sign her again — and that any Idol fan would root for her ouster. But you know how I feel about the shiny judge. I want to see what you think, PopWatchers. Vote in our poll below: Should J.Lo return next season?

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