By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 21, 2011 at 10:13 PM EDT

By now, you may have seen the video of Glee‘s Heather Morris (Brittany) showing whether one can dance to a handful of Esquire‘s picks for the 50 songs the magazine thinks every man should be listening to. (So the answer for The Kills’ “Blood Pressures” is no?) Watch it below. Clearly Morris, who’s been dancing for 23 of her 24 years, is talented (look at those stilettos!) and smokin’ (look again at those stilettos!). But watching it, I started thinking how it’s so much easier for women to know what moves men will find sexy on the dance floor than it is for men to know what women want to see. Let’s imagine Matthew Morrison did a similar video for Cosmo to promote his upcoming solo album: What should that look like? Let’s give men some tips they can really use! Morris tells Esquire she finds men pop-and-locking, ticking, and moonwalking hot. Go.

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Jane Lynch, Lea Michele, and high school anxiety star in Fox’s campy musical.

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