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Someone grab the Roommate Agreement! I’m not sure the following news is allowed…

Just before the fourth season closes off for the Big Bang gang, expect a twist with exciting possibilities: Sheldon Cooper is getting a new roommate.

As teased in the new issue of EW, everyone favorite creature of habit is parting ways with his longtime roomie, Leonard.

“You have a situation where Priya is staying with her brother, and Leonard is spending time with Pryia,” executive producer Billy Prady says. “The current sleeping arrangement isn’t the best one. I think a little experimentation with people in different spots [is necessary].”

But who is the (un?)lucky soul to take Leonard’s spot in the apartment? Prady wouldn’t say, specifically, but guarantees, “It will be a human, and it will be someone we know.” Prady elaborates: “One of the things that Sheldon will [learn from] his new roommate — temporary or permanent, we don’t know — is just how long Leonard has been skating by. He’s going to have a terrific experience with this new roommate.”

My official guess? Amy Farrah Fowler! I mean, consider what Prady told us about their ever-developing bond: “They’re very, very similar types of people in terms of their approach to the world and their academic background, but the fundamental difference is Amy is game. Whereas Sheldon has made a decision that friends are a burden, Amy having met Sheldon — and through Sheldon finding Penny — Amy sees the possibly of having girl buddies, and that kind of life that she didn’t have growing up. And she’s really excited to have it. I don’t think she’s particularly good at it, but she jumped into that with both feet.”

Pssst. For more on Amy and Sheldon’s “bond,” read tomorrow’s Spoiler Room! For more scoop on other season finales — including Fringe, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Parks and Rec, Community, and The Big Bang Theory — check out the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now.

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