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What was the most unnecessary moment during last night’s American Idol? The nominees are:

• Paul being forced to sing Pink’s “So What” in a group number with the rest of the fallen. Would anyone have minded if it had just been a ladies’ number/reason to bring back Pia? I don’t think so. That’s what I thought it was until Paul walked out.

• Randy Jackson’s diva-gloved preface to Jacob: “Just to help you, because I think critique really helps everyone really, me, all of us… ” You know how little critiquing Randy has actually done this season if he felt the need to say that when we’re down to seven contestants.

• Ryan Seacrest’s non-interview with Mark Ballas. Who’s his favorite this season? Casey. “That’s a curveball!”

• Casey kissing Jennifer Lopez on the cheek. I’d like to know if it was pre-planned. If he just intended to end the song singing in her face and inspiration to pucker up hit him when she turned her cheek toward him so he could whisper the final notes in her ear, it was tolerable. If he’d rehearsed it in his mind, it was gimmicky and he’s better than that. (For the record, vocal coach Debra Byrd says the kiss wasn’t pre-planned.)

• Steven dropping the F-bomb after Casey’s performance when he had plenty of time to think about what he was going to say because Jennifer and Randy offered their “critiques” first (and when, frankly, those high notes James hit were more deserving of it).

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