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In her new book Bossypants, Tina Fey gets candid about the decision to leave the comfort of Saturday Night Live and embark on her own with 30 Rock. She explains that while the show amassed critical success, the goal was always to become a hit with viewers (“We were trying to make Home Improvement and we did it wrong”), and 30 Rock‘s ratings left the cast and crew afraid to make long-term plans during the early years.

Yet, somehow (by the hammer of Thor, perhaps?), Fey and her gang have made it through almost five seasons, and celebrate 100 episodes with tonight’s hour-long special. With TGS on the verge of cancellation, Lemon will be pulling out all the stops to ensure she won’t have to stoop so low as to get a job at a magazine, or become the world’s worst hooker. In honor of this milestone for our beloved little show, here’s a look at some favorite episodes from the last five seasons:

“The Source Awards” (Season 1)

Jack’s burgeoning sparkling wine company becomes the sponsor for The Source Awards, causing Tracy and old foe Ridikolus (LL Cool J) to confront their beef with one another.

“Ludachristmas” (Season 2)

The TGS staff prepares for their annual holiday extravaganza and the Lemon family pays a visit to the Big Apple, including Liz’s brother Mitch, who still thinks it’s 1985 (and to the envy of Jack, that Ronald Reagan is still president).

“Reunion” (Season 3)

Jack accompanies Lemon to her high school reunion in White Haven, Penn., where she’s outed as the bully who tormented all of the cool kids, not the lonely loser she thought herself to be.

Two words: bad bangs.

Queen of Jordan” (Season 5)

With Tracy M.I.A., the network decides it’s finally time to make things all about his wife Angie, with the premiere of her Real Housewives-esque reality series.

Break out your last bottle of Donaghy Estates and tip up your cup to 30 Rock, PopWatchers. Which episodes are your favorite? And what do you hope to see tonight?

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