The new international trailer for X-Men: First Class isn’t much different, in outline, from the first video. The opening 30 seconds are identical — “Before he was Magneto,” etc etc. Everything else is still mostly a blur of mutant action. (John F. Kennedy doesn’t make an appearance; apparently, the Fox marketing team doesn’t think Cold War nostalgia will play in Guangzhou.) But look closely, and the new preview features a whole assortment of new (and presumably just-finished) special effects shots, including Magneto holding back a whole battalion of missiles and much more of The Red Nightcrawler-y Guy Nobody Knows (a.k.a. Azazel.) There’s also a brief, retro-chic look at a Dr. Strangelove-esque war room and a teasing hint at the actual plot of First Class: “Tomorrow, mankind will know that mutants exist.” It’s not much, but considering what a tight lid Fox is keeping on this mutant preboot, it makes for intriguing viewing. Check out the trailer after the jump…

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