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With Super 8, one of the summer’s most eagerly anticipated would-be blockbusters, Lost co-creator and Star Trek director J.J. Abrams has made his most personal movie yet, one that speaks of a ‘70s childhood spent watching films and making films with his super-8 camera. With the marketing of Super 8, Abrams is indulging his zeal for more of-the-moment, cutting-edge media. On the heels of launching a Web-based scavenger hunt for strips of film that hint at Super 8’s backstory, Abrams has teamed with the makers of the just-released Portal 2 videogame (read our review here) to release an animated tease for Super 8. Some set-up for you: The movie — set in Ohio circa 1979 — follows a group of kids who witness a train derailment one night while making a zombie movie. Turns out the locomotive is transporting stuff from a secret military base near alien hotspot Area 51 in Nevada, and during the derailment, something monstrous escapes.

The Portal 2 “interactive teaser” — embedded within the game and slugged “map e1912” — takes you inside one of the train cars during the minute before the crash. (FUN FACTS VIA WIKIPEDIA! 1912 is the year that of the Titanic catastrophe. Also, “e” is the fifth letter of the alphabet, and May is the fifth month of the year, and in May of 1912, The New York Times reported that the remains of 18 “gigantic humans” were discovered in Wisconsin. Could the monster in Super 8 be one of these “gigantic humans”?) There’s lots of things to look at — a newspaper; a couple file folders; a document; a map on the wall tracking the train’s journey from Area 51 — but we’re not yet certain if you can truly interact with these elements. Guess we’re going to have to play Portal 2 and find out. For now, we have the non-interactive video of the interactive trailer. Check it out and share your own observations in the message boards below.

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