First, her hopes of playing Linda Lovelace in the Inferno biopic were extinguished. Now, Lindsay Lohan can say fugetaboutit to a role as Victoria Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations, starring John Travolta. Despite looking remarkably like the crime family daughter — and attending a press conference detailing the project last week — Lohan is no longer in talks to appear in the film, a rep for Gotti confirms to EW. Though no reasons were given as to why Lohan and Gotti parted ways, producer Marc Fiore told People that her possible trial for grand theft felony has no bearing on the falling out: “We just couldn’t reach terms … We are going to meet with other people [for the role].”

So… what’s next for the troubled starlet? Though she’s still seemingly considering a role as Sharon Tate in Tyler Shields’ Charles Manson film, Lohan has no concrete plans for her future … besides a court date to determine whether or not her grand felony theft charge should go to trial. But as the author of many a posts speculating what Lohan’s next step should be, I’ll admit I’m baffled as to what direction Lohan’s career should turn next. Back in January, after she was released from rehab, 62 percent of you argued that Lohan should star far away from Hollywood. Yet 19 percent felt that she should still pursue a career in movies. But after this news… and the Inferno debacle… and the grand theft felony charge, I’m curious to see where you all stand again. So, let’s take 2 on this poll: Where does Lindsay Lohan belong for the rest of 2011?

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