20 20 Kate Middleton
Credit: Alastair Grant/AFP/Getty Images

Books have been written, a Lifetime movie was thrown together, and billions will watch on April 29 as Kate Middleton, a modest British commoner, will walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey and become a princess. Her life will change in every way, her privacy will evaporate forever, but at the end of the day, she’ll be a princess whose eventual offspring will one day wear the crown! Yet 86 percent of British women wouldn’t swap places with Middleton, according to a British news poll.

And I’m calling bulls—. Nearly nine out of 10 British women wouldn’t swap spots with the future queen of England. Five out of 10? I’d accept that. Even 60 percent wouldn’t draw my ire. But we live in a world now where fame in itself is perceived to be a realistic career ambition, and average people will do just about anything — anything! — to be famous or infamous. It’s the basis of the reality television industry, on shows like Big Brother. So when 86 percent of women insist they don’t envy Middleton, after she just won what is essentially the ultimate reality prize, I can’t help but suspect some passive-aggressive cattiness. It’s kind of like if I said, “No, I’d never want to be the shortstop for the New York Yankees. I mean, those players are on the road, like, 100 days a year.”

Maybe I should just applaud the sensibilities of the British ladies who suddenly appreciate the costs and responsibility of enormous fame… Nope. Frauds all.

Do you think I’m being too severe, or is it possible not everyone was being completely honest with themselves?

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