By Emily Exton
Updated April 20, 2011 at 07:15 PM EDT

While I’m happy to have fresh Glee episodes back on my DVR (you know things are dire when your only upcoming scheduled recording is Pregnant in Heels), last night’s “Night of Neglect” theme had me a little confused. Not to discredit the talented Lykke Li, but if New Directions is trying to put bums in the seats — and raise $5,000 — wouldn’t crowd-pleasing hits be the way to go? And is the goddess that is Adele, currently the best-selling artist of the year (rightfully so), still really neglected? Not to mention Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion, two of the most well-known divas in all the land. (Yes, “All By Myself” was originally written by Eric Carmen and later revived by the Canadian crooner, but the best version will always be one performed by a half-drunk Bridget Jones.) I’m not asking they take another stab at obscure oldies like “Run Joey Run,” or sweet, yet age-inappropriate “To Sir With Love,” but something tells me there are more neglected artists than the Queen of Soul. (Like, say, Robyn, Kelly Rowland, or Shakira.)

I was also expecting the episode’s theme to showcase more of the New Directions’ lesser-known members, a.k.a. the academic decathlon team. (never underestimate the importance of cat disease knowledge, kids.) Mike Chang was suddenly a chatterbox, speaking up more than we’ve heard all season, but poor Tina was reduced to yet another half-number, rudely interrupted by the hatas. Blasphemy! Despite being an New Directions OG, she’s the least fully realized character on the show. Maybe she’ll get a chance to do a non-comedic relief song in its entirety by season 5?

Which artists would you rather have seen Glee shine a well deserved spotlight on for its “Night of Neglect,” PopWatchers? And who is the show’s most neglected character?

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