By Carrie Borzillo
April 20, 2011 at 10:41 AM EDT
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SPOILER ALERT: Don’t click through if you don’t want to know who was booted off Dancing With the Stars last night.

If anyone’s a good sport about losing, it’s Petra Nemcova. The supermodel, and fourth contestant booted from Dancing with the Stars, smiled through her first week score of 18, giggled at criticism from the judges, and had nothing but gratitude and kisses — three on alternating cheeks, to be exact — for everyone on Tuesday night’s results show that sent she and partner Dmitry Chaplin packing.

“There is a reason for everything in life. I believe that what’s happening is that something new and beautiful is beginning. I came here to raise awareness about Happy Hearts Fund. That has been achieved. So many more people know about Happy Hearts Fund and the work we do to rebuild the lives of children after natural disasters,” Nemcova, a tsunami survivor, told reporters after the show.

But ironically, the model thinks that it might have been her promotion of the Happy Hearts Fund that sent her home this week. “Today, which kind of surprised me a little bit, Dmitry was saying that some people were saying that I talk about Happy Hearts to get votes,” she explained. “That hurts because it’s not true. It’s who I am. Happy Hearts is my life. It’s not to get votes, so that’s maybe something that didn’t translate completely.”

Chaplin added that he felt the packages are “so compressed” that viewers might not have seen “how much fun it was” for the pair.

Nemcova and Chaplin’s loss marked just another topsy-turvy moment for season 12, where a different couple topped the scoreboard almost every week. Nemcova was No. 1 in week 3 with a high score of 25, tied with Hines Ward, who is consistently in the top 3. But, the following week, the model’s score dipped to 23, and then dipped again to 22 this week, which was the low score of the night, tied with Ralph Macchio and Kendra Wilkinson.

“It’s so sad,” said Chelsie Hightower, Romeo’s partner. “You never know what is going to happen on this show. It’s all about America’s votes. She is such an amazing person. And I found out that she actually came on this show just to promote her Happy Hearts charity. And she dedicates 90 percent of her time to that charity. She is such a great role model.”

Echoed Chelsea Kane: “It’s bittersweet, we’re so happy to be back [next week] but to lose Petra, who is such a light on our show and so beautiful inside and out…. No one can compete with Petra when it comes to kindness.”

Up next on Dancing with the Stars is Guilty Pleasure Week, where the remaining seven contestants will be dancing to well-known, but somewhat embarrassing-to-like songs.

Though the dancers and celebs are ordered not to reveal their musical numbers, Kirstie Alley’s Bad Boy of Ballroom and self-proclaimed “Sex on a Stick” Maksim Chmerkovskiy ignored the rule, saying, “What, are we going to get fired?” before revealing that the two would be dancing to Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time.” But don’t expect to see Alley in a schoolgirl outfit.

“No,” said the 60-year-old actress. “We’re gonna do it sort of straight.”

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