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Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Do you give a chuck about Chuck‘s renewal chances? Well, at least one — very vocal — group of people does.

This week marked the beginning of a Twitter campaign spearheaded by fan site We Give a Chuck that aimed to let the show’s advertisers know, well, that they exist. Using the hashtag #NotaNielsenFamily, the fandom banded together in hopes of letting Chuck‘s many advertisers that the oft-criticized Nielsen ratings system doesn’t speak to what they claim the true numbers the show is really pulling in.

On Monday — and for the next few weeks, apparently — the group sent Tweets to the advertisers during the show in hopes of getting their attention. (Example: “@Tide just saw your ad on @NBC’s #Chuck. Thx! You support Chuck, I’ll support you PS-I use the to-go stick all the time! #NotANielsenFamily”) And oddly enough, they worked. Diet Pepsi’s Twitter account responded to the outpour that evening, saying “Wow! #chuck fans are awesome! Thanks for all the support!!!! #notanielsenfamily.

In their bubble show analysis, EW’s Lynette Rice and James Hibberd said the show (which averages 5.9 million viewers) had one major strength: “[It’s] perhaps NBC’s only drama that can blow up Twitter.” And it looks like the fandom is going to do exactly that to accomplish their mission, which they tend to take as seriously as Chuck takes his.

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