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Beyoncé season has begun. It’s been almost three years since the R&B queen dropped her last album. In the last few months, anticipation’s been building for new material. And with paparazzi images of a video shoot hitting the net recently, it seemed we’d be getting new music from Queen B in grand fashion soon.

Unfortunately, an unfinished version of her first single,”Run the World (Girls),” from her upcoming as-yet-titled fourth solo album unceremoniously leaked this past Monday–with an overly excited DJ screaming over it no less. No worries, though. After taking a few days to collect herself, Beyoncé’s ready for its official release. It hits radio and iTunes tomorrow (April 21).

Producer Switch pulled from his 2009 Major Lazer dance-heater “Pon de Floor” for this newbie. And the lyrics, penned by The-Dream, echo a familiar sentiment from the star: Women rule. The hook of the uptempo track is a fierce call and response exercise. “Who run the world,” she asks (demanding the correct answer). “Girls!” She gives her club-going ladies some love, as well as those with college degrees.

Conversely, a cut uplifting women isn’t exactly new territory for Beyoncé. I’ve got absolutely nothing against music for strong women and girl power, but I’d certainly appreciate her switching lanes a bit content-wise. For once, as a straight man, I’d love to hear a song that I could sing along to or play with friends without the inevitable embarrassment of doing so. She’s fully capable of making a classic album as genius and relatable as Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. But at this point, I doubt that’s her goal.

Or maybe I’m just missing the point! Beyoncé may never be for us guys, aside from singing sexy songs to us like she does here. That’s fine, I suppose. It’s not like there’s an abundance of jams out there with positive messages for women–young African American ones especially–on the radio. That’s a wonderful thing.

You can check out a teaser from the “Run the World (Girls)” video with her heroically pulling up in the desert on a stallion here. Apparently, a revolution nears.

Have you heard her new single yet? Anxious to give it a listen now? Let us know.

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