Things got heated when Donald Trump appeared on Good Morning America today to talk about his much-discussed (but still unconfirmed) potential presidential run. In brief: George Stephanopoulos lobbed the first blow, telling Trump that Republican bigwigs like Karl Rove have called the mogul a “flawed messenger for the party” and “a joke candidate,” especially since he continues to question President Obama’s citizenship. Trump replied by spouting off familiar talking points, claiming that Obama “doesn’t have a birth certificate, or he hasn’t provided it.”

The two men then argued back and forth about that statement. Trump even told Stephanopoulos that the correspondent had been “co-opted” by the President and his “minions” before professing that the birther issue is “not a big focus of my campaign.” Kind of hard to believe, since he brought it up again later in the interview, after Stephanopoulos asked if the maybe-candidate would be releasing his tax returns: “Maybe I’ll do the tax returns when Obama does his birth certificate,” Trump replied. See the interview highlights for yourself below.

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