Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and multiple grabs of “Little Maks.” Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“ATTN: Annie Barrett. Amazing Hidden Gem Alert! Louis Van Intensité’s outfit was almost identical to Michelle Tanner’s toolbag friend Derek’s Yankee Doodle outfit from their school play. If you are a true pop culture fan, you will get this Full House reference immediately.” —JS, endorsed by CoolWhipLite, SunBlitz42

“During Tom’s welcome intro, the lady to his right was doing the Paula Abdul seal clap.” —Jem Ho, endorsed by Christine

“In the opening introductions it looked like “little Maks” was making a salute to the flag belt buckle.” —Beatrice, endorsed by amanda, caryn c, Dee, mama, shelpie

“After Ralph’s dance, a tiny feather was trying to escape & be free to orbit Planet Mirrorballus, but Petra & Chelsie both swatted it into submission.” —Jem Ho, endorsed by DWTSMirrorBall

“Right after Tom introduces the judges and the camera pans to Len for Ralph Macchio’s critique, Bruno rests his chin on hands and looks angelically to the sky.” —Steph H.

“Petra looked like she was ready for the royal wedding with a giant bow as a hat when Brooke was chatting with Ralph and Karina” —Jen P.

“Is that a shoe on the window sill in Chris and Cheryl’s practice room??” —avab

“Why is the door in the side of Chris’ studio a foot and half off the ground? Weird HG. It looks like the studio is upside down.” —Emily

“Right as Chris Jericho was finishing his dance and the fireworks went off, it looked like he had wings made of FIRE! FIYAH!” —First time huntress

“Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down sitting behind Carrie Ann” —gigi. This guy was also dubbed “bearded George Lopez” by Amy in Pittsburgh, “brunette Guy Fieri” by kt, “Carlos from Desperate Housewives” by Liz, “one of the Chilean miners” by Emily, and “Luis Guzman” by avab. Endorsed by CoolWhipLite

“Planet Mirrorballus’ own Mt. Rushmore (with Tom in the Lincoln spot?)” —LAGAW, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, Jo, avab, Madd, Emily, duranmom, Dee, iggy, Steph H., PastorGuy, Robyn (who dubbed it “Mt. Judgemore”), CoolWhipLite, Fresh, dr zoid, Debra, Jen P., kfran, duckiez, TequilaSunrise

“Someone is standing in the aisle during Petra and Dmitry’s dance…ghost of Elvis?” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by gigi, duranmom

“It was amazing that even with the golden dress and the huge rhinestones, the shiniest thing on Petra after her dance was her cleavage.” —Jem Ho, endorsed by Presto, Allison

“When Tom is talking about Toby Keith after Petra & Dimtry get their scores, there are two women in the front row obliviously having what looked like a very in-depth discussion!” —Steph H., endorsed by duranmom, LAGAW, Gem-dandy, gigi, Jem Ho, jessica

“The two guys on either side of Tom before he announced Romeo and Chelsie’s dance looked like they had glowing blue hair.” —Ms. Dipesto

“Before Romeo’s performance, Corky makes a point to look around Tom and smile at the camera.” —Steph83, endorsed by Jem Ho, CoolWhipLite, Mirrorballus Citizen, naynay

“Gem overflow, as Chelsie loses an earring, mid-dance.” —Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by avab

“Romeo, Romeo! Where for art thou hand, Romeo? Ooh. There it is…on Chelsie’s breast.” —Kelly, endorsed by caryn c, amanda (and her 7 year-old), Presto

“Is Buzz checking his phone in the ballroom??” —avab, endorsed by analiesejoy, avab, Corky, Leah, Steph83, GleekAmy, TequilaSunrise

***A Season 10 Hidden Gem Throwback!*** “Ballroom’s ‘golden’ couple in the audience – Buzz Aldrin and his wife (otherwise known to us gem hunters as Miracle Max and his wife Valerie from The Princess Bride).” —kfran, endorsed by Zach, Jem Ho, Madd, CleverShrew, gigi’s daughter (who called Mrs. Aldrin “Lady Gaga”), jessica

“DWTS spelled in hot dogs on the barbecue!!” —EthelRed, endorsed by ice castle, Kevin M. Kawa, sdiver43, TequilaSunrise

“When Hines and Kym were getting their scores, it looked like an eagle was perched on top of Dmitry’s head.” —jennie

“During the bit with John Travolta (which btw was disappointing I must say… they couldn’t have come up with something better than that?) he was talking about ‘a shoe minus a foot.’ Well there it was on the floor behind him!” —Jem Ho

“Mini Maks poking out at the beginning of his and Kirstie’s dance. I love tight leather pants on a boring Monday night :)” —Kasedog, endorsed by Ginagm, chopchop, CJ, Erinn

“Love Ralph’s ‘Oh sh!t’ look after Maks and Kirstie’s dance.” —Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Dee, Madd

“HG: Kirstie Alley. ‘Cause no one’s seeing anything but Maks in that routine.” —Kelly, endorsed by duranmom, Amy in Pittsburgh, dally, avab, Yup, SunBlitz42, Jo, Emily, iggy, Anna, KWo, Amanda, Joan Holloway, Cinders, Lisa Simpson, orville, Colleen, Debra, Jen P., Javabooknut, pancake, zoot, Dee, Jem Ho, Larry9362, mama, Canadian Gem Hunter

“When Kendra was talking in the little interview room during her opening package, Louis was staring off into space. (Actually, he kinda looks like this everytime she talks…)” —Melissa, endorsed by Ginagm

“Who put the window dressing on Kendra’s vagina? Is Hef hiding in there? “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”” —shesse, endorsed by B

“Flo Hen was loving the patriotic confetti fire drill!” —Liz, endorsed by Emily

“The picture in the celebaquarium of Len doing the “Uncle Sam Wants You” poster.” —Jason, endorsed by naynay, Beatrice, Lin

“The fake dirt on Mark’s arms – YUCK!” —Found One!, endorsed by Electronic Neko, Xorp, Aprilmt, argem

“Ralph was clearllllly checking out his own family jewels while Mark and Chelsea were getting their scores. Can’t do that in a cowboy hat, mister. Everyone will see you!” —MegJYay

And speaking of The Family JULES….

DWTS Hidden Gem on Cougar Town!” —Katja, endorsed by LAGAW

“Don’t worry — we were still there!” —’s Fringe Fairy



Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

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