Though I hate to admit it, there’s something funny about a monkey who smokes. (Don’t blame me! Blame The Simpsons!) So I don’t fault director Todd Phillips for telling journalists that the monkey in The Hangover Part II, who’s shown smoking smoking cigarettes and snorting cocaine, had become hooked on the cigarettes. After reading some bizarre headlines, however, Phillips felt obliged to clear the air, telling Movieline:

PETA never actually did get involved with this most recent controversy, thought PETA’s primatologist Julia Gallucci says that they wrote Phillips a letter in November asking him to use CG animals instead of real wild animals for his Hangover sequel.

But clearly, the next story’s headline is: “KEN JEONG’S COCAINE HABIT NEARLY DERAILS HANGOVER 2.” Will Phillips need to clarify his first clarifying email?

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