Green Lantern
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

As one of this summer’s biggest superhero offerings, it’s a safe bet the sci-fi epic Green Lantern will haul in a lot of green at the box office when it opens on June 17. Still, despite a comicbook history that stretches back to the 1940s, some moviegoers may not initially be too familiar with the character, a sort of green-suited space cop (played by Ryan Reynolds) who keeps the universe safe from baddies with the help of his trusty power ring.

In EW’s Summer Movie Preview, co-star Blake Lively admits she had never even heard of Green Lantern before she signed on to play the role of aerospace exec Carol Ferris: “Then I got on the set of Gossip Girl and told a couple of crew members I was doing this movie, and they were freaking out,” Lively remembers. Reynolds didn’t have that problem, but he tells EW that, during the shoot, he experienced a different kind of freakout while being launched 300 feet into the air on wires and propelled at 60 feet per second to create the illusion of flight. “I started screaming the most random thoughts,” he says. “Something about owning my own dolphin, I remember, and something about Alan Thicke.”

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