Credit: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Phil Rosenthal still thanks his lucky stars for one heckuva run on CBS: He was blessed with a “great group of people” when he executive produced Everybody Loves Raymond, the most-watched comedy of its time. So he’s grateful he’s not in Chuck Lorre’s situation — having to decide whether to carry on with TV’s No. 1 comedy without Charlie Sheen.

But Rosenthal does have something to say about the scandal surrounding the controversial star. “I don’t know all the details of the situation well enough,” cautions Rosenthal, while attending the premiere of Exporting Raymond, his documentary that’s out April 29. “I do know that the media and the audience they are trying to attract is the equivalent of a group of people standing at the base of the building yelling up at a guy to jump. That’s all I want to say about that.”

Fortunately, Rosenthal has no plans to stay out of TV now that he’s completed his documentary about a Russian broadcaster that adapted Raymond for audiences there. “I do have ideas to get back into television,” the uber-producer hints. “I am working on an animated presentation. That would be for a series and it is animation for adults, not children. I am working on two screenplays that are fictional that I would like to eventually direct and I have a few show ideas rolling around in my melon. I even have a show idea specifically targeted at England. I’m even thinking about a Broadway show.”Check out the trailer for Exporting Raymond, which chronicles Rosenthal’s too-funny-to-be-real-but-it-was trip to Russia, where he ran into “comedy executives” who thought his Emmy-winning laugher was anything but. If anything, it’ll make you miss the Barones.

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