Sorry Suri Cruise, but there’s only room for one celebrity birthday in our hearts today. (Plus, you’re only five years old, and you have a better wardrobe than us. We are bitter.) For April 18th is known solely around PopWatch HQ as Conan O’Brien’s birthday. Yes, 48 years ago today (in the year nineteen sixty three… In the year nineteen sixty threee-eeeeeee), our future, fearless Team Coco leader was born, with a life of late night television battles, self-pleasuring bears, and Walker, Texas Ranger levers still ahead of him. While the unstoppable ginger force will be working on his birthday — Scream 4 actress Emma Roberts is stopping by and hopefully so will his, er, TBS boss Ted Turner — we’d still like to imagine he had a lovely, low-key celebration this weekend, mostly one in which he went apple-picking with Mr. T.

In honor of the Flaming C’s special day, here’s a clip of him doing what he does best, kicking ass. (We were going to bake him a cake, but finding orange icing is way harder than you’d think.)