Crazy, right? But it’s true: TV Land is developing a spinoff of the network’s hit comedy Hot in Cleveland that’ll star the comedian as a minister. No, Cedric the Entertainer hasn’t already been on the show: His new character will pop up during this summer’s new episodes. Apparently, Cedric gets involved in the ladies’ latest “humorous adventures.”

Here’s what Cedric has to say: “We’re definitely going to bring people quality entertainment and laughs with this new show. I’m very excited to be working with TV Land and the creative team of Hot in Cleveland.” Adds Cleveland creator Suzanne Martin in a statement, “Cedric is hilarious and I’m so happy to do this show with him. We are going to have a lot of fun developing and exploring his role as a minister.”

Of course, this all depends on whether Cedric and Martin deliver a good pilot script to TV Land. Stay tuned.