The same week Tina Fey presented her latest creative baby to the world — her well-received collection of personal essays, Bossypants — she also announced she'll be giving birth to her second child in August. The news, which she broke during an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired April 12, came just after the 40-year-old 30 Rock creator-star revealed her anxiety about the possibility of having another baby (her daughter, Alice, is 5) in a book excerpt published in The New Yorker. "My last five minutes of being famous is timing out to be simultaneous with my last five minutes of being able to have a baby," she wrote. Clearly, Fey has struck a compromise — she's due to give birth before shooting on 30 Rock‘s sixth season begins. And despite her costar Alec Baldwin's recent statements that it'll be the show's final year, sources close to the production say no such discussions have begun. At a Barnes & Noble event in New York on April 8 promoting Bossypants, Fey told the audience of 500 fans, "There were two pieces of news, one true," confirming her second pregnancy and denying Baldwin's claims. "Him saying he's officially done [with the show] is the first indication that he's staying."