Having quickly established itself as a home for quality dramas, AMC is turning its focus to reality programming with two new shows: One goes inside the Department of Homeland Security, and the other is a real-life version of the network’s signature show, Mad Men.

Inside DHS will detail the government agency’s responsibilities, from fighting terrorism to securing U.S. borders. The second show is called The Pitch, and it documents ad agencies as they craft and pitch a new marketing campaign to clients.

“In each episode, we’ll follow the best creative shops as they pitch a new account and go behind-the-scenes as they prepare the campaigns and pitches that are meant to influence the way we as consumers live our lives,” reads the description.

AMC’s Joel Stillerman, AMC’s senior vp of programming, says the network’s unscripted fare will be more high-brow and documentary-style than usual TV reality content.

“AMC’s Docu-Stories expands on the network’s goal to work with the best storytellers and filmmakers,” he said. “The inherent drama of Inside DHS is palpable, particularly given that we only hear about a tiny fraction of the threats they deal with everyday. This is the real story of the day-to-day battle to keep us safe, prepared, and resilient. With The Pitch, we don’t have to look any further than the frenzy around the Super Bowl — or for that matter the passion for advertising in and around our own Mad Men — to understand how much advertising matters in our culture. It’s a cut-throat business and The Pitch will capture the essence of it in a way we truly have not seen before.”

Inside DHS is expected to air this fall, while The Pitch is lined up for 2012.

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