Paris Hilton
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Promoting her upcoming Oxygen reality series The World According to Paris debuting in June, Paris Hilton today revealed to reporters that she was just playing a character on The Simple Life. Shocking, we know. She also said, “I would never have done a show like [The World According to Paris] five, ten years ago. I wasn’t really comfortable with myself,” Reuters reports. “I have been through so much. I have nothing to hide. It’s like, what else can happen? I was ready to show myself.”

Is it too late, or is the perfect time for Paris to return? In the “too late” column, you have the arguments that she’s been eclipsed by the Kardashians; that we don’t trust that we’ll see the true Paris even with an all-access pass to her friends, house, and business; and that even if we were to, would anything surprise us at this point? Arguments for this being the right time for Paris to show her true colors is that we’d all be fascinated to see how Lindsay Lohan exists, but peeking on Paris makes us feel less guilty; it would be nice to know how exactly she fills a day; and there is always the chance that we’ll see her as a real person like we did Jessica Simpson when Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica first began. That’s really the goal here, right? Let’s take it to a vote after the jump.