Credit: Matt Ellis

The success of English group Mumford & Sons urges me to conjure up an old-timey kind of saying. Something like, “Good music always wins.”

Though it may not always be true, it’s wonderful to see a band or artist that doesn’t necessarily try to make pop music or fit the archetype of a MTV generation superstar win. Essentially, they’re a folk collective–not exactly fodder for club DJs and big radio stations. But there they were at the Grammys months ago alongside legendary Bob Dylan, earning the appreciation of Johnny-come-latelies new fans. And now their year-old debut album Sigh No More is platinum in the U.S. Cheers to them!

Earlier this week the boys performed at P.C. Richard & Son Theater in downtown New York City, playing several cuts from Sigh to a crowd of chic women and bearded men. The entire set–including comedic quips from the foursome–will be posted April 19th on iHeartRadio’s YouTube channel. Until then, you can check out their stripped down performance of “The Cave” after the jump. In it lead singer Marcus Mumford humbly describes his group as “pretty mediocre, overweight, sweaty Englishmen trying to play music.” We know they’re better than that. He’s right about the sweaty part, though.

Planning checking out the whole show next Tuesday? Have you ever seen them live before? Let us know.

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