By EW Staff
April 15, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Our decision to give Arnold Schwarzenegger the front-cover spot instead of Elizabeth Taylor prompted more than a few outraged letters. Many were curious to read about the Governator’s next move — while others were frantic when Bullseye went MIA.

Elizabeth Taylor was the last of the Hollywood legends. How could you relegate such an amazing woman to the back cover? It was not a tough decision to make: Liz should have graced the front, and the ”He’s Back!” guy belonged exactly there — on the back.
Sam Niska
Downers Grove, Ill.

Thanks for your beautiful tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. She really was a major link between the old-Hollywood studio system and modern celebrity culture, which she helped create. Her talent, earthiness, compassion, and tireless devotion to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS made her a true icon.
Eric Moore
New York City

Missing the Target

No matter how much I like Arnold or mourn the passing of Liz Taylor, my heart and spirit were completely broken when I realized there was no Bullseye in the issue. I won’t say it’s the only reason I read EW, but it’s in the top two!
Bob Brower
Malone, N.Y.

Dear Bob, Thanks for your kind words. You may notice on page 106 that I look a bit ”refreshed,” but it is NOT because I took off the week of Liz Taylor’s death to have Restylane injections. Sincerely, Bullseye