Credit: Rice: Moshe Milner/Getty Images; Baldwin: Ali Goldstein/NBC

Al Gore visited 30 Rock to save the whales. Jerry Seinfeld returned to NBC to thwart Jack Donaghy’s Seinfeld-ization of the network, and Oprah was a figment of Liz Lemon’s pill-fueled hallucination. But Lemon can now expect a celebrity cameo that might have real consequences. Promoting her comic memoir, Bossypants, on the Leonard Lopate radio show, Tina Fey spilled the news, “I’m going to make an executive decision that I’m allowed to talk about this. We have Condoleezza Rice coming up in a couple of weeks.”

Yes, Rice was George Bush’s national security advisor and secretary of state, but she was also Jack Donaghy’s luh-vuh! They parted ways after a jealous Donaghy was bothered by her flirtations with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Will the surprise return of his “neocon inamorata” rattle Donaghy’s stable relationship with Avery (Elizabeth Banks), the mother of his daughter?

I hope Rice is game to play herself the way Donaghy and the writers described her — there may have been something in there about phone sex — rather than a token appearance playing the piano. How bold a cameo can we honestly expect?

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