The Foo Fighters frontman on the band's new record, 'Wasting Light,' and doc, 'Back and Forth'

By Clark Collis
April 15, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

A lot of Back and Forth is about members of the band leaving or threatening to leave. How bad is your body-odor problem?
Actually, I didn’t start sweating until I had children. You know there’s a difference between basketball BO and stress BO? This was definitely stress BO, new-dad BO.

You recorded Wasting Light in your garage. What did you do with your dartboard, garden furniture, and Swedish porn collection?
There was old luggage, a couple of kids’ bikes. That’s it. No dartboard. My man cave is so not a man cave.

You’re also in the new Muppet movie. Who’s the hottest one?
I actually prefer Super Grover. But I’ve never wanted to f— a Muppet, if that’s what you’re asking.

When you go in for tour insurance, do you get the full workup?
Who am I, Britney Spears? I got my ears checked once. Once. I’ll never do that again. They were like, ”You’re deaf.”

You once got Bobcat Goldthwait to pretend to be you in an interview. Do you wish you had done that today?
He’s good, I have to say. He convinced [the writer] that I was totally into, like, Jazzercise and deer hunting.