Special-to-the-season music producer extraordinaire Jimmy Iovine (right) and his new sidekick are turning into the Statler and Waldorf of American Idol. Someone’s got to! The three actual judges can’t seem to bring themselves to say anything constructive, so it’s up to these two cranksters to do it preemptively with our top 8 young heroes. At first I was annoyed that kept showing up, now that he apparently bunks in the Idol rehearsal studio. But after this week — I don’t mind him at all! He’s sort of funny and he enjoys listing all of the different foods that he knows, which is pretty much all I ever wanted in a human. I have a LOT of trouble typing his stupid name the way I’m guessing God did not intend, but I’m even getting over that. So let’s put it to a vote in today’s Lunchtime Poll.

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