Each week, Survivor host Jeff Probst answers three questions about the most recent episode of Redemption Island.

If Survivor is truly a social experiment, where does the way Rob has controlled every aspect of his alliance without any questioning or backlash whatsoever rank in terms of fascinating examples of human behavior?

Rob’s dominance is a great example of group dynamics. Had Rob ended up with the Zapatera group, he never would have had this much control. Mike, David, Steve, Julie, Ralph all have a lot of life experience under their belts and they would have handled Rob much differently than Ashley, Natalie, Andrea and Phillip. It all started when they reached into the bag and chose their tribe buffs. Crazy how one moment can determine so much. On the flip side, had Russell ended up with Ometepe he might still be in the game.

This latest installment was basically two episodes condensed into one. Was this originally planned to air this way as a single hour, or a choice that was made later after filming due to other factors? Take us through the decision-making process.

Nope, it was always planned this way. Anytime we have more than 16 players at the start of the game, we will have to do some “double eliminations” throughout the season. We went to this scenario after you, Dalton, bitched and moaned every damn week about the old way we did it, where both tribes went to tribal council, whether they had lost a challenge or not. So instead we went to the format of separate immunity challenges so you always have a shot at keeping yourself alive in the game.

Is there any scenario where Jeff Probst would take food over competing in a challenge?

No. It’s just not in me. I don’t see the game that way. I don’t need the food. It will probably only make me want it more. Even if I was in a tight two-person alliance and they said “you can sit this one out and get stronger so you can help us tomorrow…” I’d say no thanks. Way too risky. Who knows why people do what they do? For some it’s a strategic move, for others like Phillip, he was just hungry.

Did Steve have a point in that he clearly was not going to win that challenge anyway so why not get some nutrition?

When did this go from three questions to four? Imagine I’m your magic genie, we agreed to three questions – choose them wisely.

Fair enough, but are we going to see a Redemption Island duel next week? Tease us up!

Next week has one of the most explosive tribal councils we’ve ever had in all 22 seasons. I imagine it will stir up a bit of water cooler talk.

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