Talk about a captive audience. While America squirmed on their sofas waiting to see who would be sent home on American Idol, Universal took the opportunity to unveil their latest trailer for this summer’s Old West popcorn mash-up, Cowboys & Aliens. The two-and-a-half-minute clip kicked off much like the previous trailer for the Daniel Craig/Harrison Ford flick, but ended up showing us more action, more aliens, more Olivia Wilde, and, oh yeah, a heapin’ helpin’ of Daniel Craig’s sweaty, shirtless chest. Yee-haw!

For those not particularly interested in 007’s abs, the highlight of the clip was several abduction scenes, where alien spaceships suck cowboys up into the sky with their tentacles or lassos or whatever. We also get to see one of the alien ships that crash-landed in the desert, a bunch of Michael Bay-like fireball explosions, more insight into what Craig’s futuristic, high-tech bracelet gizmo does, and a grizzled Harrison Ford shouting, “They’ve got my son!”

Check out the clip below: