Who will be the biggest star to come out of the Twilight series? With the franchise entering its, well, twilight years (the second-to-last installment is out this November), most of its cast members have already tested the waters of fang-free stardom: Kristen Stewart had last year’s The Runaways (and is gearing up for one of the rival Snow White pics); Robert Pattinson headlines next week’s Water for Elephants; Anna Kendrick got an Oscar nod for 2009’s Up in the Air. That leaves Taylor Lautner, the series’ well-muscled werewolf, who’s already being pegged as an action star in the making. But will he be able hold his own outside Forks?

Judging by the first trailer for his new thriller Abduction (below), we’d say the odds are in his favor. The high-octane clip shows Lautner as a high schooler who finds out that his parents aren’t actually his parents. Next thing he knows, he’s on the run from some ghoulish government agents who seem set on bagging him before he finds out the truth about his origins. We’re getting whiffs of the Bourne series, plus some Eagle Eye, and just a hint of Taken — all of which did huge business at the box office, by the way. Check out all the action below, and then let us know: Could Lautner be the next action hero? Or would you rather see him stick to brooding Twilight-style roles? Let us know in the comments.

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