By Anthony Breznican
Updated April 13, 2011 at 01:30 PM EDT

Couldn’t resist reposting this shot from the hardworking fellows over at Artist Fabien Gonzalez manufactured an awesome upper-case font designed to mimic the costume of the superhero whose name begins with each letter. Some are a real reach, even for comic book geeks, and a few are arguably not superheroes (Zorro, maybe Lion-O from Thundercats) but anyone who would quibble with that should be kicked out of the Super Secret Cool Club for being annoying.

“X” feels like just a tiny little bit of a cheat, with the wheelchair in shadow, but we’ll cut you some slack, Fabien. Now get to work on a villainous version, and maybe one with only sidekicks (in lowercase, naturally).

Good luck trying to identify all of the other heroes. But my fear is that if you can nail the whole thing, it’s probably the only thing you’ve nailed in a while.


See the whole alphabet here, and more of Gonzalez’s work over at his Flickr page.