Tupac Shakur
Credit: Ernie Paniccioli / Retna

Following last week’s release of documents on the investigation of Notorious B.I.G.’s 1997 murder, the FBI let files on fellow iconic rhymer Tupac Shakur loose today.

His papers, however, focus more on death threats he and his California peers received from the Jewish Defense League, a pro-Israel domestic terrorist organization, than his own 1996 murder.

The September 1997 findings reveal that the “JDL and others yet identified have been extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats.” The JDL apparently would contact artist—Shakur included—by phone, claiming that their lives were in danger, then offer their protective services for a fee.

Before being shot to death Sept. 7 in Las Vegas after attending a Mike Tyson fight, Shakur had been called by the group, though a conclusive connection to his death has not subsequently been made.

The docs also claim that late N.W.A. member Eazy-E (real name: Eric Wright) was also contacted by the JDL before he died of AIDS in 1995. You can check out the 14-year-old FBI papers here.

Do you think they’ll ever find out who killed Tupac? Let us know.

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