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I hope you enjoy the offerings this morning, but before you dig in, an announcement: Friday’s mega scoops (the paragraphs you see before “side dishes”) will be READER’S CHOICE and will be chosen purely based on your e-mail requests. Most requested shows win. I’ll be picking three.

So take a moment to dream. If you could have scoop on ANY show, which would it be, and what would you want to know. Again, these will be based purely on volume of requests. (Usually, I pick based on buzzworthiness.)

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Is there a more romantic story than two nerds in love? If so, I don’t want to know.

But while Wolowitz and Bernadette are certainly two geeks meant to be, don’t look for them to make it down the aisle any time soon. Like any hubby and wife-to-be, they have some major obstacles to cross first. No. 1 on the list? Meeting with the parent.

I teased earlier that an upcoming episode would find Bernadette and Wolowitz’s mom in a confrontation — but the results are disastrous. Like, hospitalization required.

“It’s potentially one of the worst daughter-in-law/mother-in-law situations I’ve heard of,” executive producer Bill Prady says. “And I think the person who comes out the least good in all of this is Howard. He’s caught between — I mean, look who he’s caught between! He’s caught between that mother and the woman he loves.” No easy task, indeed.

But even though it’s mom who ends up in a hospital bed, Prady says fans of the loud-talking character shouldn’t worry. “I don’t think anything can kill that woman. I think she represents a level of tenacity that is not found elsewhere in nature.”

In the realm of slightly smaller battles, Howard will also soon find himself defending not his relationship, but his ego! “Bernadette gets her Ph.D., which is the academic equivalent of ‘my girlfriend makes more than me,’” Prady laughs. “She also looks like she’s headed toward a job that’s going to pay a lot of money. So it’s a double whammy on Howard’s male ego.”


So, some of you are Dairing and other of you are Chairing, but where’s Team Royal Wedding? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Hmm … that’s what I thought.

But let’s be realistic. A man shows up at your doorstep with a shoe you lost months ago in Paris? You’re not gonna take the shoe, say thanks, and close the door in his handsome face. So we wouldn’t expect Blair, ever the royal in waiting, to do that either. The problem? SO MANY OTHER MEN! Also, not everyone will be thrilled to see civilian Blair on the arm of a prince — namely the Royal brood. Winning them over could turn out to be Blair’s biggest challenge yet, if she chooses to stick by him. Note that I said if. You will know her answer by the end of the April 25 episode.

Also in that ep, Chuck is off attending to Bass matters, and while it seems he might have checked out of the fight for Blair, something tells me his discoveries could lead him to a dark place. You know, the kind of dark place he and Blair always seem to meet. And in the case of Dair, it will be a big episode for the pair because it sheds light on their true feelings.

Conclusion: In the coming episodes, deciding your allegiances might be as confusing as the most convoluted of Gossip Girl schemes. Enjoy.


NCIS, please! Bonus points for something on Tony! — Jan

Time is ticking down to a major development in Tony and E.J.’s relationship. Exec producer Gary Glasberg tells me that, as we head into the finale, fans should be looking for the Port-to-Port killer case to “affect Tony and E.J. in a huge way, and it will affect Ziva and Ray in a big way.” The strange thing? I don’t think that sounds quite like imminent death, but rather a shake-up. After all, Glasberg did say, “When you’re putting together a story like this, not only do you want it to drive story-wise through the end of the season, but you want it to propel things into next season.” Taking guesses now! Proposals? Break-ups? Or just lots of shacking up?

L&O: Criminal Intent is returning! Any scoop for the last 8 episodes? Nicole Wallace returning? What is the scoop? — Tom, Ohio

Well, you’re obviously a big fan. So you know Nicole is, you know, dead. And sorry, there aren’t even any Nicole flashbacks in the first episode back to help fill your (somewhat supernatural) request. But when the show returns May 1, you will be having flashbacks to the hey-day of Dets. Goren and Eames when the pair cracks a case involving the Catholic Church. That’s not to say Goren’s return is seamless. Look for him to butt heads with new Major Case Capt. Hannah (Jay O. Sanders), especially when his superior learns he’s been skipping out on mandatory psych appointments.

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I’d love some Modern Family scoop! I feel like this season hasn’t been as buzzy, but I still love it. — Vanessa

Lady Gaga will guest star! … sort of. In an upcoming episode, Cam and Mitch get tickets to go see the Lady herself, but when Cam gets sick, Mitchell will stop at nothing to get him back into concert-going form. “I desperately still want to go, so I do everything in my power to get him to let me go and that might include drugging him a little bit,” Jesse Tyler Ferguson teases. “Maybe he falls asleep a little bit and I sneak out.”

I love the Chicago Code. Scoopage? — Wayne

Next week is going to be a tough one for Superintendent Colvin as she finds her days at the helm possibly numbered. Luckily, Jarek is there to help her solve the case that could make the difference — and provide a little moral support afterward as well.

I loved your write up on your Castle set visit. But did you seriously get no peeks at the finale! Bad, scooper! — Karalyn

Well, remember that tiny mention of a finale twist that was at the bottom of the post? I wasn’t kidding! What I didn’t tell you? The twist involves Beckett’s mom’s murder. I’m told it’s a huge one.

I’d love some Vampire Diaries info. Pretty please! :) — Mary

Guessing what’s going to happen next in Mystic Falls is often moot — the twists and turns always catch yours truly by surprise (in the best possible way). That said, Kat Graham has a warning for fans: “By the time the season finale happens, a lot of people’s judgments of characters are going to change.”

Vampire Diaries is AMAZING! It was so worth the wait. What’s next with Bonnie and Jeremy? They’re my favorite couple. — Barb

Well, my fear is that their future might have to do with what Graham told me in our convo last week: “I think Bonnie has to make some really hard decisions, and she makes them out of love. She basically realizes a position that she was constantly put in throughout season 1 and into season 2, she’ll now find that she’s putting someone else in that position.” If any of that sounds good to you … you’re nuts.

When’s Hellcats coming back? Soon, right? I need some info! I wanted to see Marti and Dan together. Any hope? — Steph

Not particularly. The pair are very much friends in the first episode back, especially when she confides in him when she uncovers a deep family secret. Moreover, Savannah proves herself to be a very loving girlfriend when she encourages Dan to be proud of his zombie-rific film after some high-brow film students leave him less than confident in his abilities.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Pretty Little Liars is too far away!!! Scoopage, please! — Jennifer

Guess who’s getting a new girlfriend? No, not Ezra. (Yes, I saw the sweat gathering on your brow.) Emily! And “not just one,” teases Shay Mitchell, who we caught up with at the GLAAD Awards this weekend. “She has a very fun love life,” she said. “She has fun with it! It’s very fun to play her.”

Anything on Grey’s? — Rose

There might not be a mega shooting happening at the end of this season, but Sarah Drew promises big twists — at least when it comes to her character April. “There is something big that will happen to her that will change the course of her future. That’s all I can say,” she teases. “I don’t actually know what the arcs are going to be, but I know this one thing that’s going to happen in the finale is going to affect whatever she does next season.” And before you even ask, no, this doesn’t have to do with her virginity. (Yes, I know how your mind works.) “In my latest conversations with producers and writers they were very adamant that April’s going to hang on to her virginity for a really long time. I don’t know if that means ’til the end of next season or ’til the show ends,” she says.

Is there any hope for Britta and Jeff on Community? Please say yes. I love that pair! thanks, Sandra! — Cris

I’d say yes; there’s always a chance. In fact, there’s a sweet moment in the April 28 episode where Jeff (despite teasing her earlier in the episode) helps Britta get through a moment of doubt while helping Shirley give birth. Long term love? Hmm … that’s another story.

I need some news on the Calizona wedding! — Teri

Mama Torres isn’t going to make things easy for the couple on their big day. In fact her sour ‘tude — including her very non-grandmotherly treatment of the new baby — could put a big damper on the happy day. It will be a happy one for viewers, though. Because there are two joyous occasions taking place.

What can we expect from the Fringe finale? — Rob

If Fringe exec producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman’s teases turn out to be true, the three-episode arc (beginning April 22) that closes out this season will likely send theorists into a tailspin. “Pretty much every question anyone had this season will get answered,” Pinkner says. “If we do our jobs correctly, we’ll make people look at the entire season through a different perspective.”

Glee, please!!!!! It’s been too long since a new episode! – Amanda

If you thought time would do anything to diminish April Rhodes’ love for Mr. Schue, think again. She’s got her eye on his curly mop-top once again, and as always, she’s not going to back down easily. “April Rhodes is still in fine form,” Kristin Chenoweth told EW this weekend. “You know what I like about her is that she is a hot mess but you love to love her.” << truth.

Thanks for the 90210 info! But what about Max and Naomi!? — Elsie

They definitely set out for a good time together when the gang heads to Mexico — and are actually holed up in a hotel room the entire time. Ehem, only don’t cue the sexy music sound effect yet. They’re in a hotel room … doing math.

(Hillary Busis and Bryan Lufkin contributed to this report.)

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