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April 12, 2011 at 06:37 PM EDT

Most know Shannen Doherty best from her years on Beverly Hills, 90210, but I gained an appreciation for the actress — turning 40 years old today — after watching her three seasons on Charmed and her appropriately sadistic turn as the host of Scare Tactics. Despite omnipresent rumors of her poor off-screen behavior, it’s been difficult for me to think of Doherty as anything but charming after watching her play caring oldest sister Prue Halliwell for 67 episodes on Charmed. (And that’s even considering I preferred the post-Prue Charmed years.) But, in celebration of her 40 years on this Earth — and 30 years on our TV screens — I ask you, PopWatchers: What’s your favorite Shannen Doherty role? Vote in the poll after the jump!

How many of you accidentally clicked 90210 before realizing it was The CW’s updated series? UPDATE: My Tuesday brain forgot one of the most iconic Doherty roles of all time. How could I forget Heathers?! I’ll blame Charmed‘s cleaners. Thanks, commenters, for pointing out my stupidity.

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