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Sex fiends looking to get lucky on a first date could do worse than to head to Britain and loudly announce their fondness for Metallica and Nirvana.

That is the conclusion to be drawn from a new poll conducted by U.K. music and dating website The site asked users “how far they’d likely go” on a first date and then collated the information to find out band’s fans were the most, and least, likely to go “all the way.”

A prurient waste of time? Maybe. But just for the record, it turns out that fans of Nirvana, Metallica, Gorillaz, and Linkin Park rank high in the promiscuity stakes while fans of Lady Gaga, Adele, and Coldplay are far less inclined to make sexy time, at least on a first date.

What do you think about the poll and its conclusions? And remember, folks—let’s keep things clean!

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