By Kyle Anderson
Updated December 11, 2016 at 11:19 AM EST
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With 2008’s Evil Urges, My Morning Jacket elevated themselves from jam-friendly indie favorites to full-fledged arena-filling classic rockers. They’ve been hard at work on their new album Circuital (which comes out May 31), and today they unleashed the title track:

It takes an awful lot of moxie (or a very full beard) to drop a single that long, but luckily, MMJ frontman Jim James has both in excess. And he brings it all to “Circuital”: The angelic ethereal hum in the intro quickly gives way to a scratchy guitar line, a subtle drum pulse and James’ Sweet Tea-soaked voice intoning lines about “going back to my childhood ways.”

Evil Urges was a departure for My Morning Jacket, exploring a prog-funk corner of the universe where Prince danced across Roger Dean murals. “Circuital” doesn’t provide as much instant groin inspiration, but it does slowly build into a rootsy, chugging epic that really earns the six-string fireworks it busts out in the final two minutes.

Expect this track to end up as the centerpiece of many of the band’s extended jams when they hit the road this summer (as well as the soundtrack to a lot of late nights that end in runs to the store for Funyuns).

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