Try To Sleep


Duluth, Minnesota band Low have spent the last two decades crafting moody, minimalist soundscapes that provide backdrops to their narratives of heartbreak and loss.

John Stamos has spent those same decades raising the Olsen twins, hitting “Kokomo” sticks for the Beach Boys, carving out a Broadway career, and becoming a beloved component of Glee.

Those two disparate forces have come together for Low’s new video “Try to Sleep,” which stars Stamos. You can check out the exclusive premiere of the clip after the jump.

It turns out the idea was born out of Stamos’ enthusiasm for the band. “I’m actually good friends with their producer Matt Beckley,” Stamos explains, “and he had played me some of the record while they were making it. When it came time for them to cast the video, they asked if I’d like to be involved. I liked the concept. The new record is on all the time at my place.” At ours too, John.

“Try to Sleep” is the first single from the band’s new album C’Mon, which hit the streets today.

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