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Dancing With the Stars

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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

“Anyone catch at the beginning of the broadcast when Tom was talking and the “troupe” made an inadvertent early appearance behind him, then quickly ran off?” —GemSighting, endorsed by Lola, tango2, Jen P., Leah

“Guy almost got his head taken off with a basketball.” —Dr. Linus, endorsed by LAGAW, Dee

“[Katherine Jenkins’ sequined microphone] almost looks like it has been so sequined it would hurt to hold it…but the pain is worth the sparkle.” —Pamera, endorsed by j, avab, gigi, Jillibean

“Severe root rot over Tom’s shoulder.” —JHA, endorsed by Judie, Liz (“Maybe Lacey is a trendsetter now!”), avab, Jem Ho, akh

“When Brooke gave out the numbers for voting, Sugar Ray put his hands out like he was writing a letter. If he is waiting for the write-in votes he may be in trouble!” —Mo

Ha! This reminds’s Fringe Fairy of the time Michael Bolton tried to use a ROTARY PHONE!

“While backstage with Awkward Brooke, did you see Michael Bolton motion for people to phone in and vote? He dialed his invisible ROTARY phone!” –KelbelDance, endorsed by IAA Evan

“Petra’s blouse matched the throw pillow in her package.” —gigi, endorsed by Jem Ho

“When Bruno tore off his jacket after Petra’s dance, you could see his nipples through his shirt!” —Iris


“The floral arrangement in the celebraquarium (sp?) is in a sparkly vase!” —avab

“When Brooke interviewed Petra, the vase made it look like Chelsea was wearing a Carmen Miranda-esque headpiece.” —MLM

“Karina and Raplh’s elbows were magically placed alongside their prostrate bodies in order to create a sweet heart-shaped silhouette. Love conquers all!” —Rebecca, endorsed by Jen P., JulieH, Hawley

“Jane Fonda on bass violin at the beginning of Hines and Kim’s dance!” —Liz, endorsed by LDS

“The huge bearded cellist on the end of his row looks like Hagrid.” —Susan

“Did anyone else think of Chow Yun Fat in Anna and the King when Hines held his hand out to the audience?” —Helenann, endorsed by JHA

“The little girl behind Bruno wasn’t nearly as excited about Hines, and let fly a “truly explosive” yawn.” —Jem Ho, endorsed by caryn c., avab, Al, Kristie D.

“Man in the audience, I think in a yellow shirt, who sat in the background clearly unimpressed after Mark & Chelsea’s dance.” —Zach, endorsed by tkemoses

“Tom’s face as Len yelled at Mark was priceless.” —Katja, endorsed by TequilaSunrise

“Romeo put up his hand with his voting number (5) in the background after Chelsie and Mark (barf) got their scores.” —Dee, endorsed by glenn

“There was a woman behind Len who actually put her hands by the side of her mouth to boo him louder during Chris Jericho’s comments.” —MLM

“Gotta love the red lining of DANCMSTR’s tuxedo!” —Peachy

“After Kirstie & Maks got their scores, Romeo’s head lined up perfectly with the neon lights behind him so that it looked like he had glowing neon horns.” —TequilaSunrise

“During Romeo and Chelsie’s dance – she had on two red gloves; at the end of the night when they all were on the floor (and Tom took off his shoe) she only had one glove on. What happened to the other glove? This mystery must be solved!” —jmm


“Annie, I’m gonna need you to screencap the image of Wendy Williams being launched out of the ballroom.” —Zach, endorsed by Leah, jasmine, Katie Fitch, Enthusiastic Comment Lady, and Jem Ho


“I just wanted to mention that my entire family is now in on all this craziness. At 7:59 my 5-year-old daughter asked for a snack. I told her I was going to have to pause the DVR so I didn’t miss anything. She says “Why, because you don’t want to miss the chimes lady?”” —Hez

“ECL (Enthusiastic Chimes Lady) was working those cymbals. Go girl!” —pancake, endorsed by practically the whole gem-hunting family: Mirrorballus Citizen, LAGAW, Leah, tango2, avab, JHA, duranmom, Cinders, Jo, kt, LDS, iggy, Madd, Beatrice, Debra, Jovat, Susan, our public schools are not so good, Enthusiastic Comment Lady, Jem Ho, MLM, TequilaSunrise

Thank you, DANCMSTRs old and new, one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

XOXO,’s Fringe Fairy

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