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Are Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy cursed on the dance floor? A week after her partner tumbled to the ground after pulling a muscle, Alley’s shoe came undone during her performance on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars.

“I’m not doing a sitcom. I’m actually doing a dancing show!” the actress told reporters afterwards. “I’m tired of having to recover. I would just like to do something right. I don’t feel like I’m jinxed, but I feel like I need to get my sh– together. When people are accident prone, there is something going on with them. There is something going on. Our rehearsals were swell. We’re bitchin’ in rehearsals. If you could just sort of tune into the rehearsals…”

“Look, I’m supposed to be Swan Lake out there, la la la la la,” she continued. “Instead I’m like, la la la la and he’s supposed to come out to me but he comes up and I’m like, my f—ing shoe, my f—ing shoe, my f—ing shoe is off, what do I do? I don’t know what you do in these situations! I’m going to write a book about this. I just feel like I want to be the people who dance well. First week, we were the people who danced really well. And somehow along we’ve become the freak show. The freak show is good but we need to take the dancing up a notch.”

If Chmerkovskiy was disappointed about what happened during their waltz, he certainly wasn’t showing it. “Listen, we got an 8 and a shoe came off. Honestly, I’m very happy. I’m excited.”

Meanwhile, Alley seems to have a nagging hip injury. During the rehearsal video, Alley is heard saying that “it pisses me off when pain inhibits me from doing what I want to do.” After her performance, however, the actress said she was feeling good.

“My hip is fine because I have steroids all over. It was just an inflammation,” she explained. “I was trying to do what the pro dancers do to warm up and what they do is they kick their knee up like, really fast.”

As for American Theme Week slated for next Monday, the duo already has a plan. “We’re gonna not lose a shoe, not have a muscle cramp,” Chmerkovskiy said.

“We want to be dazzling in the right way,” Alley added. “We have to have more dancing and less malfunctions.”

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