Let me start off by saying that any attention brought to an important cause is a good thing. That said, when the cause in question is human trafficking, you might want to steer clear of gimmicks and focus on the message. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, apparently, didn’t get that memo.

Their foundation just released a series of PSAs that bring attention to the sex slavery problem. At least, that’s what you’d deduce from a clear, concise advertisement. These are just weird.

In one, Justin Timberlake is seen lathering up his chin in a steamy bathroom whilst humming a jaunty tune. He’s a “real man,” a hunky man’s voice says, as Timberlake whips out a chainsaw to shave — and real men don’t buy girls. Then, elevator music begins, and hey, there’s Eva Longoria, telling me Piers Morgan is a “real man.” And these ads are serious — or they’re trying to be. Or not… help!

Perhaps I’m too low-brow to understand the direction, or too high-brow to appreciate the innovation. Or, most likely, my brow is in the perfect spot, and these ads are simply bizarre. They work on one level: We’re talking about them. But on another, they don’t really treat the subject with the due respect. Vote and watch the videos below.