There are so many misconceptions about women: That we’re horrible at math, that we’re always good at asking for directions, that we’ll fight to the death with a friend over a wedding date. But perhaps the misconception that irks me most of all is that we are all jealous of beautiful women.

That unbelievably sexist viewpoint is getting airtime again, thanks to American Idol judge Steven Tyler, who told reporters last week that he felt Pia Toscano was eliminated because, “Guys aren’t voting and girls are jealous.” Earlier today, Meredith Vieira and Carl Quintanilla brought the argument up again during an interview with the eliminated contestant on Today. (As much as I would love to have seen her eviscerate the theory, Pia was probably right in being polite in that medium, instead choosing to dodge the question: “You have to go out every week, give 110 percent, and be happy with your performance — that’s all you can do.”) So, though I don’t speak for all womankind, it’s time now to put this lame theory to rest. Take note: We don’t hate Pia Toscano because she’s beautiful.

In fact, most of us don’t hate Pia at all. Sure, we may covet some of her finest body parts, but that doesn’t automatically translate to jealousy — especially not jealousy strong enough that we’d wish to see her not succeed. No, sorry, Tyler, but women are simply not that shallow. (After all, if I disliked every woman with beautiful physical traits, I’d have no friends at all.) We are, in fact, capable of rooting for gorgeous women: Have only men purchased albums from the likes of Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj? Or, heck, the undeniably stunning Idol winner — that’s right, winner — Carrie Underwood?

So, Mr. Tyler, I’d say there are plenty of reasons that women might not have voted for Pia: Perhaps they felt they had to save a fellow season 10 contestant from elimination. Perhaps they have enough Celine Dion ballads in their iTunes collection to tide them over for the next century. Or perhaps they were simply too lazy to pick up the phone and vote. The one thing that most definitely didn’t contribute to her ouster? Jealousy. Go ahead, Pia: Make that rumored album, complete with a beautiful cover shot. We can’t wait to buy it.

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