Kids say the darndest things. Maybe your grumpy ol’ ears didn’t embrace the “Friday” phenomenon, but you’re not a tween. Actually, it turns out tweens pretty much despised Rebecca Black’s homemade video, too. At least they say they do. In an online series titled, “Kids React to Viral Videos,” a handful of youngsters were forced to watch the “Friday” video (below). Not Clockwork Orange style, but it sort of felt that way. Morgan, 6, and Emma, 8, were enthusiastic fans, but once the ages reached double-digits, the criticisms turned cruel. “It was entertaining because it was terrible,” said Shannon, 10. “Who wants to make a bunch of money off something that people hate?” asked Athena, 13, whose school plays the tune over its intercom on Fridays. “She’s tormenting little children when you listen to her eerie witch voice,” said William, 10.

It’s easy to be cruel, of course, but Black’s meanest detractors also illuminate the secret to her song’s success. “She’s so bad,” harps Lia, 14. “Oh gosh, I’ve seen this video so many times.” Exactly.

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