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The slow-starting Red Sox took two of three from the Yankees over the weekend, pulling Boston fans back from the ledge and preserving the hilarious new New Era hat commercial that features Yankees supporter Alec Baldwin and Sox fan John Krasinski talking trash. Krasinski interrupts Baldwin’s elegant soiree to gloat about the Yankees off-season failures, but like his character on 30 Rock, Baldwin is unflappable as he dismisses the notion that the Red Sox are even in the Yankees class, saying “This is not a rivalry, just like fire doesn’t have a rivalry with kindling.” Krasinski’s passions get the better of him in the end, but hey, it’s baseball season. (By the way, the Orioles are in first place.)

Watch the ad below, and then vote for Team Baldwin or Team Krasinski at the New Era site. Team Baldwin currently leads, which is a little surprising since he alienated some potential supporters from Philadelphia.

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