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We love Tina Fey, as you can tell by a quick search of EW’s Fey-packed archives, but even we were shocked by the filled-to-capacity, standing-room-only, people-have-been-waiting-here-since-morning crowd that gathered to pay homage to the goddess of wit at the Barnes & Noble in New York’s Union Square Friday. About 500 fans (including her 30 Rock costar, the 6-foot-5 Grizz), all clutching copies of her new essay collection Bossypants (purchase was required just to get in), laughed, cheered, and hung on her every word as The New Yorker‘s David Remnick conducted a lively Q&A with the writer/actress. She talked about choosing to write her first book (“I was having lunch with Snooki, and she was like, ‘Just do it. You have a voice.'”), making the upcoming 100th episode of 30 Rock (“It’s a weird one — get ready!”), and hating to re-watch her pilot (“It’s like looking at a sonogram instead of a picture of your kid, like a pile of goo”).

Here, a few other highlights.

On reports this week that she is five months pregnant and that the show is ending next season: “There were two pieces of news, one true,” she said, confirming her second pregnancy. Of Alec Baldwin’s public declaration that he’ll be leaving 30 Rock next year when his contract is up, she said, “Him saying he’s officially done is the first indication that he’s staying.”

On her now-5-year-old daughter Alice’s comedy skills: “Between 2 and 3 [years old] she was inadvertently writing a lot for Tracy Jordan.” While playing with Barbies recently, for instance, Alice had one doll say to the other, “You know the most romantic part of the human body is the butt.” Added Fey, “How has Tracy not said that?”

On whether she’ll repeat her Sarah Palin impression as election season heats up: “I hope so,” she said. Though she also said she resisted appearing with the then-vice presidential candidate on Saturday Night Live in 2008 because “usually you get to do the character for like two years before that happens.” She also worried Palin might get booed by the live audience because the campaign had gotten so volatile, but once things went smoothly, she was impressed with the candidate’s television presence: “I told her she should host.”

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