By Kate Ward
Updated April 09, 2011 at 04:00 PM EDT

If only Our Gang was confronted with this doll, they’d never have briefly given up ownership of dear ol’ Petey. What? You say it’s not 1934? Okay, fine, then in modern terms, let’s just say this doll is extremely petrifying. But who is it? Michele Bachmann? Lynne from Real Housewives of Orange County? Someone who should get that purple growth checked out by a doctor? Answer after the jump!

Sorry Tea Partiers and Buddies of Botox: The doll in question is supposed to look like our Princess to Be Kate Middleton. She’s got the same jawline of my creepy Jem doll from the early 1990s who may or may not have actually been a drag queen! Anyway, watch the video here and ask yourself if you’ve ever seen anyone fawn over something so ugly. Besides Gauchos.

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