By EW Staff
Updated April 08, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT


Breaking In (Wednesdays, 9:30 p.m., Fox)

”This is a show about a security company that tests the security of anything from banks to government agencies to museums. I play Oz, the boss, and I have a ragtag team of computer hackers, lock pickers, masters of disguise — it’s definitely an eclectic group. I like to pit them against each other and create chaos, and at times I rule with an iron fist. A lot of people have said that they can see J.D. from Heathers in this character, so let’s just say at the end of Heathers it was all smoke and mirrors and I didn’t actually blow up, and this is that character just grown up. And I intend to fully jack out on this one. I get to smoke a cigar, wear sunglasses, and sit in a Captain Kirk chair. It’s bliss.”


Kuffs (the 1992 action comedy)

”They tried to make me a bit of a cross between Matthew Broderick from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Eddie Murphy from Beverly Hills Cop. And I guess the idea of me being kidnapped with duct tape over my mouth and having a subtitled conversation with a giant Saint Bernard was the ultimate in hilarity. I had to go in to do looping six months later, and the director put tape over my mouth to match the performance. I think he was just tired of hearing my opinions about the scene. To get me to rewatch that, it would have to be a Clockwork Orange situation where I was strapped down to a chair with my eyes pried open. It should come with a warning: Watch at your own risk.”