The next season of AMC’s Mad Men may be delayed until 2012, but you can get a — ahem — taste of the critical darling when Bravo’s Top Chef Masters serves up a ’60s-inspired episode on April 13. On hand to judge will be none other than Joan Harris herself, Christina Hendricks, along with Hendricks’ husband, Geoffrey Arend (Body of Proof). So did the redheaded beauty pick up any new recipes for chicken à la king or beef Wellington upon tasting both new and old versions of 11 different ’60s-style dishes for the episode? ”We’re not really fans of that kind of food — it’s a lot of nasty ingredients,” admits Hendricks. ”[People back then] had no idea what they were eating!” (She attributes that to taste buds being shot from all the smoking and drinking.) But Hendricks and Arend were more than happy to help bring ’60s dining into the 21st century. ”I would never call myself a chef,” Hendricks adds with a laugh, ”but we like nothing more than spreading our opinion around.”